May 26, 2024

Configuration Error 213:5 on Photoshop CS5 MAC

I had this Configuration Error 213:5 come up recently for an artist I was helping. He was on a MAC running Photoshop CS5. This error came up when we launched Photoshop. It would lock up Photoshop and after clicking ok on the error, Photoshop would just close.

I tried resetting the Photoshop Prefs (Shift+Command+Option when starting Photoshop), but we could not get the reset prefs dialog to come up.  I then tried manually deleting the prefs folder located here

Mac OS X: Users [username]; Library; Preferences; Adobe Photoshop CS5 Settings

I then uninstalled Photoshop by using the uninstall shortcut. I then installed it again and got the
error. I looked online and found this web page from Adobe.

It mentions to make sure the permissions on this folder

/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore

Match the permissions below.

drwxrwxrwx root admin

That folder already had the correct permissions.

After trying many things, I finally figured it out.
The permissions also had to be applied to the two files inside the
/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore folder.

I couldn’t change the permissions from the shell.
I had to do it from the gui.

Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

Using Finder, navigate to the folder to be modified.
Adobe PCD folder locations
SLStore folder locations
Control+click the folder, and select Get Info.
Expand the Sharing & Permissions section.
Click Details to show the various owner and group options.
Click the lock icon in the lower-right corner.
Enter your administrator username and password when prompted, and click OK.
Set the permissions according to

Mac OS:

Owner = System = read/write
Group = Admin = read/write
Everyone = read/write
Or from the terminal, drwxrwxrwx root admin

Now Photoshop launches fine.


  1. Thank you!!! I had the same problem 🙂

  2. Really good blog. keep going!

  3. Just one problem: There is no SLStore folder or Adobe PCD folder in the /Library/Application Support/Adobe folder or anywhere else. So I reset the permissions, as described, for the /Library/Application Support/Adobe – no difference. So I uninstalled Photoshop using the uninstall shortcut, re-installed Photoshop. Still the same: Error 213:5 and the program shuts itself down. It all worked fine yesterday…

    • What version of Photoshop?

      • sam deffley says

        I am having the same problem, no SLStore or PCD folder in the location your referring to. I have a student and teacher version of photoshop cs5. Please help! I’ve even gone to the extent of having a new hard drive put in!

        • Check this folder and the subfiles as well.

          /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe PCD/

          Make sure the permissions match these.

          •Owner = System = read/write
          •Group = Admin = read only
          •Everyone = read only
          •Or from the terminal, drwxr-xr-x root admin

          Another thing, make sure your account is administrator. I would also create another administrator account on your Mac and reinstall Photoshop from this account.

        • Michael Jones says

          Make sure you are in your system library not a user library. There are at least 3 libraries. I had the same problem, couldn’t find the folders so uninstalled all photoshop and adobe using adobe disk cleanup, reinstalled, still wouldn’t work. Then clicked on Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore. I was sure it wasn’t there before and couldn’t search for it but it is there. I have student and teacher version of CS5.5. For some reason I didn’t have Admin on my list of permissions, once added admin in using +/- and set permissions as above was all fine.

  4. Thank You !!

  5. I had this problem when setting up a separate account for other folks to use on the prepress iMac 27″ i7, OSX 10.6.8. This solution did the trick, Thank you very much.

  6. Great! That worked for me. :—]


  7. I have the same problem. None of the folder you mention SLStore or Adobe PCD are in my Library.

  8. Thanks for the post! This is finally a set of instructions that worked for me! I had the same problem and found it was just one file in the Adobe PCD folder that had the wrong permissions.

  9. click here says

    I tried resetting the Photoshop Prefs (Shift+Command+Option when starting Photoshop), but we could not get the reset prefs dialog to come up. I then tried manually deleting the prefs folder located here

  10. Thank you!!! This saved my a**!!!

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