May 26, 2024

Anuko Time Tracker

My client also needed a free piece of software for time tracking. We found Anuko Time Tracker. I set this up on there CentOS 5.3 server. These instructions are pretty much the same as on Anuko’s website. I added a few things I figured out on my own.

Check Prerequisites, whether you have the following installed, configured, and working properly:

  1. Apache web server
  2. PHP4 or PHP5 (GD with Freetype fonts support included, mbstring included)
  3. MySQL server

Download Time Tracker Distribution


Unpack distribution files into a selected directory for Apache web server. If you have a previous deployment of time tracker – backup it, remove it and then deploy the new code.

cd /path/to/DocumentRoot/
cd timetracker

Set world write file access permissions for directory WEB-INF/templates_c/

chmod 777 WEB-INF/templates_c</pre>
Create MySQL database and MySQL user. Grant SQL permissions.
mysql -h localhost -u root -p
mysql< CREATE DATABASE timetracker;
mysql< GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON timetracker.* TO 'ttuser'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpassword';</pre>

Copy and modify config file

$ cd WEB-INF
$ cp config.php.dist config.php

Change $dsn value to reflect your database connection parameters (user name and password):


If you install the time tracker into a sub-directory of your site, make sure this is reflected in the APP_NAME parameter in WEB-INF/config.php. For example, for http://localhost/timetracker/ set

Install or update MySQL schema and initial data:

Remove or disable install script:

cd ../..
chmod 000 dbinstall.php

Login to your time tracker site as admin with the password “secret” (without quotes) and change admin password.


Click Options menu item.

login: admin
pass: secret

Also make sure the line below is in the mysql.ini file.


You will need to install these as well to the the pie graphs working.

yum install php-mysql
yum install php-mbstring
yum install php-pear-DB
yum install php-gd


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